Meet the Dogs


Addie is a five year old golden retriever with the kindest heart. She enjoys meeting new people every day as well as giving lot of cuddles. Addie travels to events, schools, nursing homes, and more to bless people with her unconditional love and support. However, Addie does not like strange surfaces and likes to take her time when walking on any surface foreign to her! Addie also loves meeting up with her sister Maggie to bring double the comforting to everyone they encounter. 



Leah is a two year old golden retriever that never fails to bring a smile to people's faces. She loves sharing her calm nature with people everywhere. From nursing homes to schools, Leah provides hundreds of people with the non judgemental support they need. While off duty, Leah loves playing with her fellow comfort dog Addie and meeting up with her sister Katie from Nebraska whenever possible!